Intrinsic is a highly collaborative team of financial experts focused exclusively on the unique needs of the private equity client. Our core mandate is to serve as a trusted partner to these talented investment professionals and their management teams.
Whether it involves time-critical transaction support or routine valuation services, we bring the full resources of our firm to bear. No matter how complex your needs might be, we are the trusted transaction and valuation service partner of choice.


Craftsperson – We earn the respect of our clients by putting in the work so that our knowledge on matters where we serve them extends well beyond their own understanding.   They come to respect and rely on us in this regard. We take enormous personal pride in our ability to contribute in this way.  The satisfaction derived from mastery of the art we practice, indicated by our clients’ acknowledgement of it, and the authenticity of the relationships we build because of it, is the marquee reason we stay in this business.

Relatable – When our clients think about who they’d like to have a beer with or go do something outside of work, they think fondly of us.  We genuinely like and respect each other.  Our conversations are informed, but casual.  They don’t feel the need to put on a corporate veneer when interacting with us, and we relate our knowledge to them succinctly, and in plain English.  We get them to “ah, I got it” with expert precision in a humble yet confident way.

Trusted Partner – A natural result of being both relatable and a master craftsperson is that we become trusted partners – effective extensions of the clients we work with. Work is awarded on an uncontested basis. Over time, they may ask us to help with endeavors they know lay beyond our stated services, having developed confidence by observing us in situations where we innovate at the margin and find unique solutions in the normal course of traditional engagements. Their respect for us may manifest in other ways as well, like asking about what other kinds of work our firm performs, or referrals to other service providers. They use us as a filter and beacon for other craftspeople.

Responsive – We care about our clients and we want them to know that.  The way we show it is through responsiveness.  Getting a quick response from us, at any time of day or night, even if it’s a few words, makes them know this.  When we interact with them in this way, it builds a new and special dimension to the relationship.  A personal one.

Intellectual Curiosity – Part of our wiring is that we’re nerds at some level.  We might have a little social anxiety, and we find solace and enjoyment in diving into topics that sharpen the saw in our craft.  We’re not on a path of continuous improvement for financial reasons.  We actually enjoy tinkering with concepts and tools that elevate our game.  Sometimes we might want to take on an assignment that doesn’t fit with our strategy because something about it will give us the opportunity to personally explore something new.

Commitment To The Firm – We have profound organizational ambition.  We enjoy winning as a team and watching the flywheel accelerate through collaboration.  We like winning independently to motivate our colleagues, and we love nothing more than watching them respond with big wins of their own.  We love being the underdog together and the comradery that comes from building something special – with fewer resources and less capital than our competitors – and our clients love being a part of the process as well as we grow.

Commitment To Each Other – As much as we like winning together, we like learning and growing together.  We acknowledge each of us was carefully chosen for our inherent traits as continuous learners, having a strong desire to improve as both professionals and people.   We strive to understand the challenges and demands of one another’s roles and we solve our problems, together.  We know that the key to our respective individual successes is underpinned by our growth as leaders and our ability to win as a team, and we improve on both, daily.


Intrinsic’s culture is rooted in its name. We are an essential partner to you by helping you serve what is essential to your business. What matters most to us is what matters most to you.

We accomplish this be cultivating an environment where curiosity and creativity thrive but are anchored in pragmatism and discipline required to address the unique challenges confronting the private equity investor.

As lifelong students of our trade, we never stop learning. Like most firms, we have the education and credentials. But what sets us apart is our relentless effort to hone the skills and wisdom required to better understand the true, fundamental nature of the interests and businesses we serve.

Above all else we value precision and efficiency: our work is accurate and on-time.


We provide sophisticated, timely valuation advice and transaction due diligence insight so you can realize your own highest and best use as investor and fiduciary.

Our professionals have a deep understanding of what drives value throughout the investment lifecycle and thus how the needs and priorities of our clients evolve. Our interests and priorities are aligned from the start.

We know our role. You are the expert. We are your resource. Our professionals have the technical acumen to identify and quantify risk but also the savvy to know what really impacts value within the context of your specific situation. We know how to safeguard your interests without getting in your way.

By holding our client’s priorities as paramount and delivering high quality products and services as their needs evolve, we grow as our clients grow.


The collective skill set of our professionals is unmatched in the industry.

Intrinsic attracts team members from a myriad of roles within finance and investing. We have professionals who have matriculated from not only Big 4 accounting and large, international valuation firms, but also from institutional and family office investing, C-suite executive leadership, bulge-bracket investment banking, and M7 staff.

The depth and breadth of our experience base and the perspectives gained from such, coalesce precisely so that we can understand and serve our clients in ways that generalist service providers cannot.

Our professionals are true craftsmen dedicated to the lifelong practice of building their trade. As such, we support ongoing education toward industry-leading credentials and proficiency in emerging trends, regulatory requirements, and strategic matters of concern to our clients and to our own best practices.

Further, our own business is shaped and guided by a highly active group of investors, including some of the most accomplished professionals and academics in the fields of private equity and entrepreneurial finance.