While many firms provide our services, our people, who were all carefully screened to ensure they felt a strong connection to our values, deliver a client experience and work product that is best in class – differentiating us substantially from other firms. We are:

The satisfaction derived from mastery of the art we practice, indicated by our client’s acknowledgement of it, and the authenticity of the relationships we build because of it, is the marquee reason we stay in this business.

When our clients think about who they’d like to have a beer with or go do something outside of work, they think fondly of us.  We genuinely like and respect each other.  Our conversations are informed, but casual.

We care about our clients, and we want them to know that.  The way we show it is through responsiveness.  Getting a quick response from us, at any time of day or night, even if it’s a few words, makes them know this.  When we interact with them in this way, it builds a new and special dimension to the relationship.  A personal one.

We find solace and enjoyment in diving into topics that sharpen the saw in our craft.  We’re not on a path of continuous improvement for financial reasons.  We actually enjoy tinkering with concepts and tools that elevate our game.

We are committed to the firm and each other. We have profound organizational ambition and enjoy winning as a team.


Our approach to growth is to attract, cultivate, and align highly talented professionals stifled in organizations with mechanical approaches to career progression. We unleash their potential and reward their unique contributions to Intrinsic’s growth by putting them in our values centered meritocracy, which is specifically designed to provide accelerated professional development and compelling wealth creation opportunities through ownership.

Because we’ve done such a good job developing our strategy, culture, and team, we are not constrained by lack of opportunity. At other firms, internal politics and compensation systems result in outdated structures which stifles the growth of talented young professionals. Core to our operating strategy is giving our employees to unleash their potential, through relationship development with our sophisticated client base of private equity investors and C-suite executives and the opportunity to work on the business with an ownership mentality.

We understand that our most important assets are our people, and the key to success is to attract, incent, and retain the best in the business. We do that by providing our team the opportunity to capture more of the value they create than at other firms through a compensation system which aligns our individuals with the success of the business. We feel strongly this unifies our team and gets everyone pulling in the same direction.




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