Kade Tibbetts


Senior Associate


Kade serves as an Associate within the Transaction Advisory Services practice at Intrinsic and is responsible for providing both buy- and sell-side due diligence services while advising clients throughout the M&A process. Services performed on engagements include proof-of-cash for receipts and disbursements, revenue and expense analysis (including ratio, flux, seasonality, and trend analyses), review and determination of adjustments to EBITDA, net working capital analysis, debt and debt-like item searches, and other miscellaneous client requests.

Prior to Intrinsic, Kade was an Associate in the audit practice at KPMG, where he spent his time auditing the financial statements of primarily private companies. Kade’s experience consisted of performing substantive testing, period-to-period analysis, and other audit functions in all areas of the balance sheet and income statement.

AS·TUTE /əˈst(y)o͞ot/

Having or showing an ability to accurately assess situations or people and turn this to one’s advantage


B.S.B.A., University of Colorado Boulder
M.S.B.A., University of Colorado Boulder


Certified Public Accountant – CO


P: (970) 370-3208